Eröffnung 30.11.2018, 19 Uhr
Ausstellung vom 1.12.2018 - 12.01.2019 immer samstags von 14-18 Uhr geöffnet

Supersymmetry is a group show curated by Yellow, an Italian artist-run space and a research project, focused on contemporary painting, founded in 2014 in Varese and operating across Italy and Europe. One of its aims is to promote international exchanges and networking between similar realities and amongst artists. Following this mission, Yellow lands in Cologne at Strizzi and will then welcome the latter in its hometown, Varese, in February 2019.

The title of the show takes inspiration by the principle of Supersymmetry in particle physics, according to which, each particle is associated to another particle, a Superpartner, equal in mass and internal quantum numbers besides spin. Metaphorically, to Yellow corresponds Strizzi in Germany. Both the spaces have been working in their own countries as non profit industries, dedicated to talent scouting, supporting emerging artists, and pursuing international relationships in the contemporary arts.

The artists invited to exhibit and to explicit Yellow's identity, are seven Italian emerging painters. They propose different approaches and strategies to contemporary painting and offer a view on what's going on today in Italy.

SUPERSYMMETRY (Paola Angelini, Linda Carrara, Luca De Angelis, Lorenzo Di Lucido, Vera Portatadino, Sofia Silva, Lucia Veronesi and a text by Giulia Gelmini)

A text by Italian curator Giulia Gelmini, will deepen the work of each artist.