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» Daphné Keramidas

when the walls start breathing

Eine Installation von Daphné Keramidas

Ortega y Gasset said once that, “the earth being a field without limits, mankind had to delimit a portion of this field in order to release itself from it. Mankind erected walls to determine a portion of earth, creating thus a closed and finite space.”
With walls, a new reality appeared, as walls are a boundary per se. Dividing, isolating and segregating, walls allow us at the same time to perceive space for what it is.

Clouds are images that constantly reform and recreate themselves.
They are able to cross the borders between the imaginary world of children and the adults fear of environmental pollution, just as they cross any country borders without being controlled.
They are the negation of frontiers, just like dreams are too.
They are the image of total freedom.


Vernissage am Freitag, 6. September 2013, 19 Uhr
drum & music by ebenDRUM

7. – 28. September 2013, Do – Sa, 12 – 20 Uhr
im Ausstellungsraum des Büro für Brauchbarkeit

kuratiert von Florian Müller

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